Dr. Winokuer is available for the following:
  • leading experiential workshops
  • presenting keynote addresses, seminars, presentations
  • consultation and professional training.



Example Presentations and Workshops Include:


Keynote Presentations (45-90 minutes): 

Living When a Loved One Has Died
The Many Faces of Grief
Self-Care for the Care-Giver
Understanding Grief
Grief, Love and The Fear of Intimacy
Communicating Caring

Counseling Individuals & Families with Life-Threatening Illnesses

Brief Workshops (1-3 hours): 

Explaining Death To Children
Principles of Grief Counseling
Teen Suicide Awareness
Stress Management
Enhancing Your Self-Esteem
Establishing a Bereavement Support Program
Practical Applications of Grief Counseling
Secondary Trauma and Clinician Stress
Keeping a Relationship Healthy

Counseling Individuals & Families with Life-Threatening Illnesses

Full-Day Workshops (6-8 hours):

Grief Counseling: The Best Clinical, Practical and Integrative Skills & Interventions
Children and Grief

Counseling Individuals & Families with Life-Threatening Illnesses


Two-Day Workshops


Foundations of Grief and Bereavement:

Theories, Skills and Interventions for the Grief Counselor


Grief Counseling In Difficult Situations:

Traumatic Deaths and Disenfranchised Grief

 "...Thank you for the most enlightening summer of my life. . . I 

shall always be grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to get to know you, and myself a bit better in the process..."
- D. Weiler, Student, Pfeiffer University

"... [We] would like to thank you for your special spirit, your wisdom, and your willingness to help us
in our efforts to become a more caring community..."
- Rabbi Jim Bennett, 
Temple Beth El, Charlotte, NC

"...Teenagers are sometimes a 'hard' audience to be captivated. Howard not only captivated these young people, he captured their minds and their hearts for the entire time we were all together.
- M. Dabbs, Concord, NC

"...We love the way you laced in humor with important information 
about self care. Thank you so much for delighting us with your stories. You are definitely a favorite among our seniors.
-B. Garfinkle, Corresponding Secretary 
Senior Scholars, Charlotte, NC


"...I found him to very knowledgeable about the grief process about different populations of people. As a parent who was still grieving the the death of a child, I found him to be very compassionate and helpful."

-Charlotte AHEC Attendee


"...The speaker was excellent and I would attend any of his trainings."

-Charlotte AHEC Attendee


"Dr. Winokuer utilized specific examples, humor, and professional examples as learning tools, among others. He kept us engaged and alert, eager to learn the information."

-Charlotte AHEC Attendee


"Dr. Winokuer was great speaker and should be invited to present more topics! His humor and knowledge made learning about a sensitive topic enjoyable

-Charlotte AHEC Attendee